Consulting Services

Digital Business Strategy


We help our customers develop Digital Business Strategy and Digital Business Plans that are fit for purpose in a digital world and do the heavy lifting required to get detailed businesses cases for investing in digital across the line with Boards and investors. 

International Education Strategy


If you're a Education institution that relies on revenue from international students, you need to future proof your international education strategy and student recruitment to rapidly changing market conditions.

We have deep expertise at working with institutions, sectors, and countries to map out a way forward.

Business Analysis & Data Analytics


 We can help to solve your current business challenges or to take advantage of future opportunities by using data and analytics to create actionable change - using our powerful "What? - So What? - Now What?" process.

Business Performance Improvement


We use an evidence and data based approach to business performance improvement of your existing services, activities, or processes to increase relevance and effectiveness for your customers, and to optimise your level of investment.